Hello I’m Joshua, a web developer that loves front end technologies and hates comic sans.

Recent Work

CSI Leasing

CSI Leasing is an equipment leasing company located in St. Louis Missouri. I build this site under the art direction of Alex Sanders while leading the front end / WordPress team at Integrity. Locations A really fun aspect of this build was the locations map page template, post type and meta box. To make this […]

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Recent Posts

WordCamp St Louis

So WordCamp St. Louis in my humble first time organizer opinion was a huge success and our local community really did a fantastic job. The speakers were awesome, the sponsors were super generous with swag and support, and despite the weather closing the day down a bit early I think everyone had a pretty good time, learned a lot and enjoyed themselves.

Getting into rem’s for responsive typography

Rems are a sizing method I have been exploring in my responsive builds lately. This function was something I wrote up to convert px to rems via sass to speed up the conversion and authoring process.

Five years ago

So yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Woot! This morning over coffee while slowly working my way through a tech book { javascript the good parts } I started thinking about where I was five years ago as a developer. Five years ago I was writing css from scratch in a primarily Windows environment. And doing […]